Gazette Notifications

Sl No. G.O. Number & Date S.R.O/E.O.G Number Subject Download
01 G.O.(P). No. 01/201/BCDD dated 05.07.2018 457/2018 Kerala Backward Classes Development State Service Special Rules 2018 Click Here
02  G.O.(Ms) No. 161/2016/GAD dated 18.11.2016 717/2016 Renaming of Backward Communities Development Department to Backward Classes Development Department  Click Here
03 G.O.(P) No. 464 of Public (Rules) Department dated 28.11.1966 Kerala Gazette No 49 dated 13.12.1966 General Service Special Rules  Click Here
    Inclusion of castes in OBC -Amendment of KS&SSR
Click Here
05 G.O.(P) No. 03/2021/BCDD dated 23.07.2021 2238 Posting of Deputy Directors in BCDD – Select List 2021 Click Here