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A very well grown-updemand and dream of the Backward Communities of Kerala was to set up a new and separate Department for the welfare of OBCs in the state. It was strongly recommended in the ‘MANDAL COMMISSION REPORT’ that Ministries should have to be formed in states and Central level. It comes true when the Government of Kerala created the same for them in the year 1999, but it has been realized in 2011. It was in 21-11-2011, the Directorate of the Department formed up and stated functioning with the then created 10 posts as skelton staffs including the Director. In 2012, a separate administrative wing started functioning in Secretariate. In 2014 May, Govtapproved to set up two Regional Offices in Ernakulam and Kozhikode by creating 5 each posts including Deputy Directors and then, in addition, approved six more posts including one Deputy Director post in the office of the Director. As a result, the performance of the Department had been boosted up and several new schemes were craft and implemented.

Department dealt with the issues related to the social, economical and educational progression of backward communities in Kerala that is more than 83 in number, in the form of planning and implementing multi angled welfare schemes. Although it is a fact that the overall progression of the state is not proportionally affected by the SC/ST and OBC. The mass of the OBC still remains as one of the disadvantaged and marginalized sections of the society. Department mainly stick on educational schemes aiming progress of the community in that field. The same time providing financial assistance to preserve traditional jobs, the Department also provides assistance to amplify competitive ability and skill development programmes by creating innovative schemes.

At present the department implements 13 Plan schemes and 4 Non Plan schemes. Even though the Department has just 26 incumbents over all in the state, with the help of modern technology and co- operation of other Departments, Department productively implements its schemes within the time frame.