Work Distribution

Directorate – Trivandrum

Section/Seat Duties
A 1 Establishment of all Kinds regarding Employees infrastructure and  PF Accounts,Software related updation, Purchase etc,Overseas Scholarship, Employability Enhancement Program, OBC Hostel Construction
A 2 Planning, Budgeting, Finance,Audit , LA Interpellation(Co-ordination) and related Correspondence, Pottery Grant, Kumbhara Colony renovation
A 3 Complaints regarding education assistance, caste, reservation, miscellaneous
B 1 Bill,  Allotment,  Re-conciliation, ,  Monthly Reports, BC Welfare committee, BC Commission related correspondences
B 2 OBC/OEC Prematric Educational Assistance, OBC/OEC Postmatric Educational Assistance, OBC Prematric & Postmatric scholarships
B 3 Tapal Distribution ,Viswakarama Pension, Despatch, Forms & registers, Stationery, Advertisement, Advocate Grant, Career In Automobile industry, Tool kit Grant, Barbershop Renovation Grant.

Regional Office – Ernakulam

Section/Seat Duties
A 1 Establishment, OBC/OEC Prematric Educational Assistance, OBC Postmatric Scholarship Employability Enhancement Program, Toolkit grant, E Governance, IT Division
A 2 Bill/Accounts, Pottery Assistance, Right To Information, Career in Automobile, Barbershop renovation grant, Advocate Grant, Stationery/Registers, Miscellaneous

Regional Office – Kozhikode

Section/Seat Duties
A 1 Establishment, OEC Educational Assistance, Advocate Grant, Sickle cell anemia
A 2 Employability Enhancement Program, Pottery Assistance, Toolkit grant, Barbershop renovation grant, Miscellaneous